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Who are we?

Lois Wakeman and Rosemary Jacks met at adult education pottery classes about eight years ago, and attended St Clare's Adult Education Centre in Seaton on Thursday evenings with tutor Nick Hillyard. (Stop press: we were expecting to restart the classes on 22nd September, but this year, Devon County Council has decided to stop offering the classes for undisclosed reasons, to the dismay of us all.) With other class members, we also make occasional day trips to ceramics workshops and galleries, and once or twice a year, we organise raku firings, which are great fun:

bins in which raku pots are smoking red-hot pots being lifted from the kiln for smoking

This was our first exhibition in the Nine Days of Art event - we hope our 100 or so vistors enjoyed viewing the pieces on show as much as we enjoyed making them. Read on to find out a bit more about us, two craftspeople who live and work in East Devon:

Rosemary Jacks Lois Wakeman
Rosemary makes a wide range of thrown and altered domestic ware from the practical to the very decorative. She is particularly interested in the shapes of mediaeval pottery, and her large dishes and jugs, with their distinctive forms and applied decoration, are made in earthenware, and subtly decorated with slips and coloured glazes.

blue-green glazed jug

She also makes a range of smaller mugs, cups and bowls with clear, bright underglaze decorations.

blue spotted plate


Lois's favourite pieces are small hand-built animal and bird figures, often with lugubrious or world-weary expressions, made in earthenware and decorated with slips and underglaze colours.

tapir family

As a photographer, she is inspired by her local surroundings, and specialises in intimate landscapes taken close to her home: arable fields and the seaside being particular favourites. You can see more of her photos at http://photos.lois.co.uk.

poppies and wheat

The exhibition

Here are a couple of snaps of our work displayed in the studio: Rosemary's vessels and Lois's animals, and framed photos (mounted and unmounted prints also available to order):

Contact details

Please send any email enquiries to Lois Wakeman , lois@lois.co.uk or Rosemary Jacks, info@rosemaryjackspottery.co.uk.