About Lois Wakeman

On this page: Meet Lois Wakeman, technical author, web designer, photographer and potter.

My qualifications and experience

photo of Lois Wakeman, taken by Elizabeth TetlowYou can read my technical CV (simply formatted for printing if required), or just skim the summary here:

After reading for a degree in Geology (BSc first class Honours from the University of Wales, Swansea) and some short-term programming for BP, I was trained as a technical author for ICL, where I worked for 6 years producing all kinds of software and procedural documentation.

I have been freelance since 1985, and have worked for many clients including Orange Communications, Gradwell.com, Gore Browne Investment Management LLP, Boehringer Ingelheim in UK, Germany and USA, and a number of government and police organisations.

Why employ me?

Web skills

I have an excellent command of HTML (including XHTML) and CSS, and detailed knowledge of web usability and accessibility. I have skills in simple graphic design, XML/XSLT and client/server-side scripting (ASP and PHP), together with a good knowledge of all those snippets of arcane information that make a successful webmaster. My experience of web server configuration is mostly on Windows servers, but I have developed sites to run on UNIX/Linux servers as well. I was the webmaster for Parity TMS Web Consulting and Attinger Jack Advertising for a couple of years, and I developed and managed TMS's technology demonstration and internet resources intranet sites. Here's my web portfolio.

I've had formal training in web usability and XML.

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Writing skills

I've been writing successfully for a living since 1977, specialising in software user documentation, process and procedural handbooks, and marketing literature. I have particular experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arenas, but as a graduate scientist, I am interested in all things technical.

I've had formal training in Information Mapping™. (link to external site Information Mapping is a technique for communicating information effectively.)

I can also design documents using my self-taught abilities in desktop publishing and typography.

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Artistic skills

At 50, I realised my long-held ambition to turn my amateur interests in ceramics and photography into a professional activity. I now sell my ceramic animals and birds at several local galleries in the south of England, and have also provided photographic prints for sale, as well as undertaking specific commissions and stock photo projects, mostly related to countryside pastimes and businesses.

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Personal information

My personal home page - recipes, natural history, news etc.