Help on using the 'Eye for Information' site

On this page: I hope my site is easy to use, but here are some hints in case you need a bit of help.

Finding your way about

This site uses the same navigation devices throughout. You can always get to the home page, and all the main sections of the site, by using the links at the bottom of each page. The links at the top of the page remind you where you are in the site and can also be clicked to backtrack.

(I used to provide access keys for the main parts of the site, but feedback indicates that this was confusing rather than helpful. There are some fundamental problems with using them anyway: you can read my article about access keys if you are interested.)

In longer pages, or pages with related information, links are provided in two ways. Some are in context with their description, and some selected to be particularly relevant are collected together in a line on their own, for ease of use.

Note: if a link is accompanied by an image to mark link to another, external, site icon, this means you will be leaving Eye for Information. To get back to this site, you will need to use your browser's Back button


This search box allows you to find pages in this site and my related sites.

If you need more help ...

If this page hasn't answered your questions, please feel free to email me, and I will do my best to assist. If you are lost, why not have a look at the site map? You may also want to look at the accessibility page, which gives some tips on how to change the way the site looks, if you find it difficult to read.