Case study - making 'Eye for Information'

On this page: Case study information about this site - practical descriptions of how it was made and managed.

Since the majority of the sites I have made are intranets and therefore confidential, and since I don't want to upset those clients with internet sites by less than glowing reviews, I thought the design and layout of this site would be a useful case study to illustrate some of the points I take into account when making a site.

This page has brief notes, but if you are interested in more details, you can follow the links listed below:

Initial design and analysis

I considered several broad topics (which are generally standard for any site, and reflect the methodology I use) when starting to think about the site:


Once the design was more or less fixed, I had to go through various stages of creating the site:

For a large client site, there are typically more stages than this, to allow for review and client testing of a pilot site before the finished (or at least, finished with my involvement) site is released. Intranets are rather different from internet sites too, for reasons I won't go into just now - perhaps one day...


OK - my site's up now - time to put my feet up and enjoy a rest! If only it were so. The site as first posted was the bare minimum I wanted: I still have ideas for new topics and applications I'd like to add when paid work permits. So, the site is an evolving thing that's never really finished, and I'll need to revisit many of the above topics again and again for each new part of the site I add.