Test page for green/black stylesheet, with sans-serif fonts

This page lets you see what the green on black style sheet will look like (at least for sites that have been designed to allow you to use your own style sheet).

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How you see a web site depends on many variables, both personal and computer-related. For example:

Any web site design has to be a compromise between the needs of different users, and this one is no exception.


You can change both the font face and size used on pages. For example, most browsers use a serif font like Times or Times New Roman as the default, but some people think a sans-serif font (e.g. Arial or Helvetica) is easier to read on screen. And you may wish to increase or decrease the size to read comfortably.


You can also change the colours used for the page background and text, to make the contrast more comfortable or choose colours you can read more easily.