Recipés from Lois's kitchen

On this page: Some favourite recipés from the Wakeman household. Vegetarian, carnivorous, sweet, savoury - but all tried and tested.

The older we get, the healthier food we try to eat and cook. No longer plates of convenience food and fry-ups, but we do try to make our main meals from fresh ingredients - which isn't just better for us, but also a lot cheaper! Click on a filename below to see the recipe in full:

Rather an odd selection, but most of what we cook on a regular basis is taken from someone else's book, so it would be cheating to reproduce them here.

Which brings me onto a gripe: I often used to do tuono e lampo from The Bean Book, but it calls for (and only works properly with) brown macaroni, which has become mysteriously unavailable in the UK over the last few years. Is this a conspiracy to enrage me, or a reaction to some obscure market forces? I mean, why can you get brown fusilli, conchiglie and penne but not any other shape easily? And why does Tesco's in Axminster have such a weedy range of dried pasta when they have room for a whole side of an aisle for essentials such as designer underpants, barbecues, ghetto blasters and kid's bikes etc? And why have they stopped stocking West Country fish on the fish counter in favour of well-travelled fish - are the latter more urbane or something? I'd better stop before I really get going on supermarket stocking policies.