Why you should use L. Wakeman Ltd. for writing and web consultancy

On this page: Discover the advantages of using me and my company for your web and writing projects

Why choose my company?

There are any number of web designers and technical authors out there, so why should you choose a small company like mine? I believe there are several advantages:

Of course, there are some disadvantages - you probably won't have heard of the company, and there isn't an infinite range of expertise or backup in the case of unavailability. However, I've never had problems with delivering on time, and through my long time in the industry and membership of link to external site The TRUST Group and the link to external site ISTC's Independent Authors SIG, I have a pool of equally dedicated colleagues to call on.

Remember - you can contact me easily!

email: lois@lois.co.uk; telephone: 01297 444707; international +44  1297 444707